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SPOILERS: Lea picks Finn or Puck, and talks about Jonathan Groff
March 21, 2010, 6:57 pm
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E! Online‘s Marc Malkin chatted with Lea Michele about what’s coming up for Rachel Berry, including a smooch and duet (Lionel Richie’s “Hello”) with the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, played by former Spring Awakening co-star Jonathan Groff.

It seems like everyone on Twitter wants to know if Rachel ends up with Finn or Puck. So, what’s the deal?
I think you’ll see a little bit of both in the back nine. But I do think Rachel’s heart is with Finn. But, as you know, I have my new love interest—Jesse St. James!

So what’s it like kissing your real-life best friend? I mean, you’re kind of used to it after doing it every night when you were costarring on Broadway in Spring Awakening?
It had been a really long time, so it was interesting when we had to do it for the first time on Glee. But we had also done it so many times before that we sort of just jumped right back into it.

Idina Menzel is also guest starring on the show, but she doesn’t sing in her first episode. When will she?
You’ll have to see [laughs]. Of course, she has to sing. We haven’t done anything together, but I hope we will.