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New interview with Kevin McHale & Chris Colfer
February 17, 2010, 4:11 pm
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The TV Addict has a new interview with Kevin McHale and Chris Colfer.  They discussed what we can expect from upcoming episodes.

I know you’re not going to be able to spill much, but what can you tell us about the first few episodes back.
Chris Colfer: The first few episodes dig pretty deep on a lot of different levels. I really think we keep topping ourselves. Every production number, every character back-and-forth, the show keeps getting better and better.
Kevin McHale: More songs per episode and bigger dance numbers, there’s just more of everything. Plus the Madonna episode is going to be amazing.
Chris Colfer: Kurt has very good episode coming up.

Not vague at all, but since you brought it up… Would Kurt’s ‘very good’ upcoming episode happen to coincide with the start of a much-buzzed-about relationship?
Chris Colfer: I can’t say. But let’s just say it’s a very very very very good episode. (Chimes in Colfer’s publicist, “For the record, that was four “very’s!”)

Since you guys understandably don’t want to spoil what’s going to happen, perhaps you’d care to share what you’d like to see happen. Where would you take your characters if you had the power of the pen?
Chris Colfer: Eventually, I’d like to see Kurt as the editor of ‘Kurtain’ magazine, a fashion magazine spelled with a ‘K’ of course that trumps Vogue. And I guess since it’s upcoming, maybe a love interest. That’s something I would want to do but really anything I could come up with would never be as good as what they come up with and continue to come up with on the show.
Kevin McHale: I couldn’t think of anything that would come close to what the writers would think of. It’s amazing. The best part is getting those scripts and finding out what they’re going to have us do next.

Read more here.


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